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We’re under no illusions: we’re not the only scaffolding company covering Havering and wider East London / Essex. Furthermore, we believe it’s a good thing that you can choose a scaffolding contractor from a shortlist, as it lets you find the right team to suit your needs. And while we certainly are confident that the scaffolding services we provide domestic and commercial clients in and around Havering are of the highest quality standards, we look to be grounded, objective and realistic when considering what it is clients want out of scaffolding erectors; this helps us stay on top of our game, after all.

So with the dual purpose of assisting Havering residents and trades who are still searching for a scaffolding company to make the right choice for them, while considering how Elco Scaffolding measures up within the wider industry, we’ve decided to go over a few of the different categories and questions you should consider when seeking out a scaffolding contractor, whether for domestic or commercial work.

How to Find the Right Scaffolding Contractor

Inquire About Qualifications – While a scaffolding company with an undertrained or unqualified team is unlikely to last very long, before being shut down or simply failing to attract any business, it’s still vital to find out whether one you’re considering has the right accreditation and qualifications. The Elco Scaffolding team, for example, are fully trained, CITB accredited and CISRS members.

While there certainly are other programmes and industry bodies out there that are legitimate, it’s worth keeping on your toes. If a scaffolding contractor you’re sounding out reels off acronyms that you are not familiar with, do your research and find out if they’re bogus or not. Underqualified scaffolding erectors can be a nightmare for any Havering resident; they are unlike to know how to properly design a structure, and may be reckless in putting it up. With working from height, there are simply too many risks with hiring an unproven or amateur scaffolding “company”.

How Long They’ve Been Operating – Another easy way to figure out if you’re on the right track with a scaffolding contractor, is finding out how long they’ve been in business, and how much industry experience their scaffolding erectors have. While experience isn’t a guarantee that the work you’ll receive will be up to standard, it’s still one of the more reliable metrics.

The Elco Scaffolding team has over 15 years of experience providing a full range of both domestic and commercial scaffolding services to the Havering area and its surrounds. This experience can provide clients peace of mind, considering many unproven newcomers spring into the industry each year, with many not lasting long due to their slack approach to workmanship and customer service.

Are They Insured – A simple yes/no question, but essential when finding a scaffolding company: are they insured? If no, you simply shouldn’t choose them as you could be left footing the bill having used an illegally operating scaffolding contractor that has caused damage to your site, or carried out sub-par work that has led to an injury.

What Kind of Reputation do They Have – Once upon a time, you’d have to rely upon word of mouth to find out if a scaffolding contractor was a reliable one, or was likely to provide a poor standard of scaffolding services – perhaps delivering the structure late. But nowadays there are also plenty of online resources that track the reputation of everything from a scaffolding erector to an accountant, to a caterer. Check around online and ask friends and family in the Havering area to find out of a scaffolding company you’re lining up delivered quality work.

Make sure you get high quality scaffolding services delivered in a safe and efficient manner. Choose Elco Scaffolding, covering Havering and its surrounds. Call 01268 906 230 or 07825 069 647 today.