We Design, Erect & Maintain All Forms of Scaffolding in Bexley | Elco Scaffolding Ltd

Far from a one size fits all, generic access solution – scaffolding structures take many forms. Elco Scaffolding, as the Bexley area’s favoured domestic and commercial scaffolding contractor, employs a team that is familiar with different techniques, and stockpiles a broad range of high quality materials, to ensure that we can provide the right type of scaffolding services for our loyal clients. It means when you call in Elco’s scaffolding erectors, you’ll get a tailored solution that enables safe and efficient work at height.

Many of these different forms of scaffolding have set names, which we’ve looked to go over on this page. The ideas is to de-mystify some of the nuances involved in the day-to-day life of scaffolding erectors. But if you’re already long familiar with the different forms of scaffolding, or just require the services of a scaffolding company ASAP, skip ahead and call us on 01268 906 230 or 07825 069 647.

Types of Scaffolding & Their Use

Supported Scaffolding – Old faithful. When you think of the type of scaffolding you most commonly see in Bexley and wider Essex, this is what should come to mind. It’s constructed from the ground up and carefully attached to the structure it is built around by our qualified scaffolding erectors. The design of supported scaffolding sees us mould the scaffold not just to the building, but the end usage. For example, by incorporating different ladders, lifts and safety features. Safe and convenient, the construction of supported structures is perhaps the most core of scaffolding services, and offered by every scaffolding contractor as standard.

Birdcage Scaffolding – A scaffolding contractor will opt for a birdcage structure when work needs to be carried out at one set height. Often used for painting and decorating ceilings and walls inside Bexley properties, birdcage scaffolding features a wide working area and easy up-down access.

Hanging Scaffolding – Many Bexley clients who work closely with our scaffolding company are property maintenance firms and window cleaners. Due to the fact they have to work at such heights, on tower blocks and the like, scaffolding erectors need a technique that bypasses the “from the ground up” approach of supported scaffolding. Hanging scaffolding, which is also used in situations where ground is uneven or otherwise unsafe, is attached to the top of buildings and hangs down – hence the name.

Cantilever Scaffolding – Fixed at one end of a property, leaving the other side exposed, a scaffolding contractor will employ cantilever to deal with a tight corner or as a means of bypassing an obstruction. Scaffolding erectors and the end users of cantilever scaffolding will typically need to employ extra-safety equipment such as harnesses, due to certain areas being exposed.

Rolling Scaffolding – Need a small but mobile structure, perhaps to carry out work across a wide interior? We supply Bexley residents with rolling scaffolding, an ultra-convenient but in some ways limited solution. Taking limited weight and only suitable for certain surfaces, rolling scaffolds are still an important option in a scaffolding contractor’s bag of tricks!

Whatever form of scaffolding you require, give our team a call on 01268 90 6230 or 07825 069 647. We have a complete range of scaffolding services for the Bexley area.