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Many individuals and companies in the Basildon area require the services of a scaffolding company. They see this provision of scaffolding services as merely a mandatory step to enable subsequent stages of a project, whether it be development, maintenance, or similar work conducted at height. But there are many benefits associated with hiring professional scaffolding erectors, like our own, who cover Basildon and all surrounding areas throughout Essex.

On this page, we look to run over said benefits, for the benefit of both those who regularly make use of our services and those who’ve yet to ever call in a scaffolding contractor. If you’re more interested in getting a reputable scaffolding company in ASAP, feel free to cut right to the chase by calling our fully qualified scaffolding erectors directly on 01268 906 230 or 07825 069 647. We serve both domestic and commercial clients around Basildon, and take on projects of all sizes.

The Advantages of Hiring Qualified Scaffolding Erectors

Health & Safety – Any work conducted at height carries certain risks that need to be addressed prior to work beginning. This is why the first priority of a scaffolding company, like ours in Basildon, is to conduct a risk assessment and site survey that will identify any dangers and recommend ways of dealing with them. By doing this it not only shows we are following all relevant UK regulations (Working at a Height 2005, Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, TG20:13), it also shows our clients how serious we are as a company and that safety is our top concern.

Easy Access – Taken down to its core, what is scaffolding? It is a means of accessing difficult to reach areas. Working on an awkwardly located area of a property from a ladder can be dangerous, and in many cases simply impossible. A scaffolding company has the ability to create a bespoke structure that allows workers easy access remote areas of locations as well as providing a frame for construction works. Elco Scaffolding can also incorporate amenities such as electric/manual lifts, bridges, ladders and tailor made features which adapts the structure to its needs. We can also design the right structure for you needs. Whether this be Supported Scaffold, Birdcage, Hanging, Cantilever or Rolling Scaffold, you can guarantee a perfect solution. Easy access, rather than limited access results in higher standards of work and a better end result!

Streamlining the Project – The average scaffolding structure will at least provided access to an area. But well designed and assembled structures – the likes that Elco Scaffolding erect in the Basildon area – enable smooth and efficient work at height. Incorporating amenities such as electric or manual lifts, bridges and ladders, a scaffolding contractor can create something tailored to the type of work you and your team will be carrying out. This ensures your work is carried out not just safely, but within the designated timeframe you’ve set out.

Advice at Every Turn – A quality scaffolding company doesn’t merely set-up and take down the structure you’ve ordered: they’re on hand at every turn to ensure all your ongoing and evolving needs are met, and you’re never kept in the dark. It might be a structure needs to be modified due to extra, unforeseen work being required on an inaccessible part of a property. Or, perhaps you’ve suspected trespass on your site and possible tampering with your scaffold: an essential aspect of the scaffolding services we provide Basildon is regular inspection to ensure the structure remains safe.

So what are you waiting for? Reap all the above benefits and more, by calling in the Basildon area’s favoured scaffolding erectors. Call Elco Scaffolding on 01268 906 230 or 07825 069 647.