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How to Choose a Scaffolding Contractor in Havering

With so many different scaffolding companies operating throughout East London, not least in Havering (one of our principal service areas), how do you choose which is the scaffolding contractor for you? That’s the question we’ve looked to answer in the below article. While it might seem we’re biased, being scaffolding erectors ourselves, we’ve tried to remain as objective as possible. These are categories that, whoever you end up choosing to provide your required scaffolding services, should always inform your decision.


If you’re a returning Havering client, or haven’t used Elco Scaffolding before but have heard about our stellar reputation through London and surrounding areas, then feel free to skip ahead and to call us directly on 01277 413 359 or 07825 069 647. Our scaffolding erectors provide a full range of both domestic and commercial scaffolding services, and have the experience to take on even the most niche and challenging of undertakings.

What to Look Out for When Selecting Scaffolding Companies


Experience – More so than companies in many other industries, scaffolding companies need a wealth of experience to tackle even the most rudimentary of jobs. This is simply because the stakes are high (no pun intended). If inexperienced scaffolding erectors put up a structure for a Havering tradesman, and that structure is unsafe and partially/totally collapses, then the implications are massive – significant injuries or death, to the tradesman and anyone nearby, as well as massive property damage.


This is why it’s essential to check that a scaffolding contractor has experience. Not just generally, but within the specific type of scaffolding services that you require. Elco Scaffolding has over 15 years of experience in the trade, setting us apart from many other scaffolding companies that are only just now cutting their teeth.


Qualifications – To legally provide scaffolding services you need at least a basic level of qualification, but many scaffolding erectors go much further and well-above the bare minimum. In order to satisfy the high standards that our many domestic and commercial clients in and around Havering expect of us, we’ve done just this. An Elco scaffolding contractor is guaranteed to be fully trained, CITB accredited and a card-carrying CISRS member.


When considering scaffolding companies for any type of work whatsoever, keep an eye out for these kinds of qualifications. Each course involves extensive development of health and safety practices, and ensures that scaffolding erectors know exactly how to go about all of the key scaffolding services they’ll typically provide over the course of their career.


Insurance – It might seem obvious, but always find out if your scaffolding contractor is fully insured. The amount of damage that improperly designed/erected scaffolding can do is astronomic, and if you accidentally hire scaffolding companies that are operating illegally without insurance, you could be left with a huge bill and a share of the legal liability.


We have a £10m public liability insurance policy in place to give our clients peace of mind. But know that we’ve never had to use it – our safety record is impeccable, and this why so many domestic and commercial clients in and around the Havering area count on us to provide their scaffolding services.


Safety & Awareness – A scaffolding contractor must be well acquainted with a number of regulations which govern the industry, specifically:


  • Work at Height Regulations
  • Health & Safety at Work Act
  • Management of Health & Safety Work Regulations
  • Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations


But scaffolding companies often have internal health and safety policies which not only take into account the above essentials, but place further emphasis on sound working practice. Never be afraid to ask about a scaffolding services provider’s health and safety policy. Their scaffolding erectors be happy to talk you through it, and address any immediate concerns you might have.


Reputation – We take immense pride in the work we do, and always strive to deliver a perfect customer service experience to each and every client; from first point of contact, through to completing a job, our friendly team of trained scaffolding erectors pull out all the stops. This shows up in the fantastic reputation we have in and around Havering – but some scaffolding companies have exactly the opposite. Google a company, request references, ask around. In short, do your reputational research to avoid hiring scaffolding erectors you’ll regret.

But why settle for less than the best? For scaffolding services in the Havering area, call the best scaffolding contractor in the game on 01277 413 359 or 07825 069 647.

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