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For over 15 years our scaffolding erectors have been providing everyone from Bexley homeowners to prestigious commercial entities with high quality scaffolding services, delivered at competitive prices. Over this time, we’ve designed and built all sorts of structures – from small birdcage scaffolds, to sprawling multi-level supported ones.


But many of our clients come to us having not made use of a scaffolding contractor before. So for those in the same boat, we’ve looked to explain some of the aforementioned terminology to highlight how the structures we most commonly erect in the Bexley area differ from each other. Keep in mind that not all scaffolding companies are as versatile as our own. Some, for example, do not offer hanging scaffolding services and others are too small to take on larger commercial projects.


If you’re searching for a friendly, experienced team of qualified scaffolding erectors who can handle any undertaking big or small, then pick up the phone and call us on 01277 413 359 or 07825 069 647. We offer free quotes and can provide ongoing scaffold inspections to ensure that a long-term structure remains safe to use.

Different Scaffolding Services & What They’re for…




The most common structure designed and built by our scaffolding erectors. These are constructed from the ground up and are supported by the structure they’re attached to. They’re built in all sorts of different configurations, with multiple layers, ladders and additional features tailored to the specific scaffolding services being provided. Convenient and safe, scaffolding companies will opt for a supported structure wherever possible.




For simple projects around Bexley where work only needs to be carried out on one level, a scaffolding contractor will usually suggest a birdcage. Whereas scaffolding erectors rely upon a property to support a traditional structure, birdcages stand completely independently. As scaffolding services go, birdcage jobs are quick and straightforward. Scaffolding companies will suggest a birdcage when the client is looking to work on a ceiling or at one set height.




You’ve probably seen these employed by window cleaners and property maintenance companies around Bexley. They’re attached to the top of a building or an upper floor, rather than built from the ground up. This makes them an ideal solution to situations where scaffolding erectors find uneven or structurally unsound ground, as well as the obvious tasks where it would simply be impractical to build a scaffold that is an absurd number of stories.




A more niche structure but one that’s essential when providing scaffolding services for certain Bexley properties. They’re only secured at one end of a property, leaving the other side exposed. Scaffolding companies use cantilever structures to bypass objects or get round tight corners. Both scaffolding erectors and the workers who use the finished structure will usually need to wear extra safety equipment like harnesses, due to said exposed areas.




Finally, rolling scaffolding. These are similar to birdcages but are attached to wheels and made from a light alloy. This allows them to move from site to site. It’s fantastic for when work needs to be carried out across a very wide area, for example if the inside of a church hall is being painted and restored. While they sound very convenient, there are certain drawbacks that mean it’s less common than you might think for a scaffolding contractor to suggest one. For example, they can take less weight than any of the other scaffolding services listed above.


Unsure which type of scaffolding will best suit your needs? Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for! Give us a call to discuss your requirements, and our skilled team of scaffolding erectors will assist you. Remember, we don’t just serve Bexley, but all surrounding locales.

You can reach us on 01277 413 359 or 07825 069 647. If you’re in a hurry to get things moving, our scaffolding erectors can quickly reach a site in Bexley to conduct a survey.

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