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The Benefits of Hiring a Scaffolding Contractor in Basildon

Here at Elco Scaffolding Ltd we understand that hiring a scaffolding contractor in Basildon represents a large, often daunting step in any construction project. This applies less so to civil authorities or larger companies who are familiar with what a scaffolding company offers and how they operate. But smaller businesses and domestic scaffolding clients often find the initial phases of hiring scaffolding erectors overwhelming and are unsure what specific benefits a scaffolding company offers their individual projects.


Naturally, every scaffolding project differs. As a foremost scaffolding contractor in the Basildon area, we tailor our scaffolding services to the needs of our valued customers in order to bring the benefits we offer to every job.


Below, we’ve outlined some of the universal benefits scaffolding services bring to any domestic or commercial scaffolding project, regardless of size.


  1. Safety – Regardless of the project size, any respected scaffolding company prioritises the safety of the client, tradespeople and their own staff above all else. Working from height brings about inherent dangers, but scaffolding greatly reduces those risks. When constructed by trained and experienced scaffolding erectors, and when used in the appropriate manner, there are no safer alternatives to work at height than scaffolding. As a safety-conscious scaffolding company serving Basildon, our scaffolding services strictly adhere to UK law and Health & Safety legislation, including TG20:13, Health & Safety at Work Act 1974  and Work at Height Regulations 2005.
  2. Access to Difficult Areas – In our role as a reputable scaffolding contractor in the Basildon area, we’ve applied our scaffolding services to an array of awkward, hard to reach areas on domestic and commercial construction sites. From the installation of solar panels to extensive roof repairs, and from loft conversions to the installation of temporary roofing, our CITB and CISRS-trained scaffolding erectors have more than 15 years of combined experience in providing ease of access to DIY enthusiasts, tradespeople and sub-contractors.
  3. Project Efficiency – As a scaffolding company, we appreciate the importance of deadlines and budgets to our domestic and commercial clients in Basildon. After the scaffolding has been assembled onsite by our scaffolding erectors, tradespeople and sub-contractors can come and go to their required areas with ease. Scaffolding services simplify this area of project management and, barring any unforeseen circumstances, allow domestic and commercial projects to run to a smooth and swift conclusion.
  4. Tradesperson Positioning – As a scaffolding contractor with a team of highly-qualified scaffolding erectors, we put our Basildon clients or their tradespeople in the perfect position to carry out their best work. If a professional is put in a position where they have to adopt an unnatural position to reach their area of work, the likelihood of a less-than-perfect job increases. With scaffolding constructed safely by an expert scaffolding company, tradespeople and sub-contractors are placed exactly where they need to be carry out their best possible work.

For more information on domestic or commercial scaffolding services in Basildon, call 01277 413 359 or 07825 069 647.

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